Friday, August 12, 2011

My 7 Year Old

i don't know how it has happened.
{where has the time gone?}
but, my little boy turns seven tomorrow.
{it really seems like yesterday that i was holding him in the hospital.}

on the eve of his big day
we all went to dinner and the dback game.
{thanks to mimi.}
and his birthday was announced on the jumbo tron.
{again, thanks to mimi.}

happy little boy.
{and randi?  she doesn't like to have her picture taken.  can't you tell?}

guess who came to sit by us?
my cute brother and nephew.
{hhmmm...troy must have the same ticket connections that i do.}
cade LOVES that little boy.
and, i think the feeling is mutual.

everyone was out of their seats with excitement.
not because we scored a run...but, because they were throwing t-shirts!

we didn't get a t-shirt...
but, we got to give baxter {mascot} high fives...
as well as the goofy legends guys.

it was a fun night.
a late night.
we had tears this night.

cade and randi fly out to iowa tomorrow morning {his bday} with mimi and papa.
cade cried.
said he "couldn't help it".
he was "just going to miss" me and mr. c.
oh that boy.
he may look like his daddy...
but, i'm afraid he has my demeanor.
a bit sensitive...
{ok.  a lot.}
but, full of love.

he has melted my heart and brought me so much joy over the past seven years.
{i still can't believe it's been seven years.  is this even allowed to happen?}

happy birthday sweet boy.
i love you.


anna said...

He's so dang cute! I just love his enthusiasm for life! Can't believe he is 7!

keep calm and carry on said...

happy birthday cade!!!! you are an amazing little boy!!! and randi is drop.dead.gorgeous. and should LOVE getting her picture taken!!