Monday, August 29, 2011

A Slithery Party

since cade was out of town on his actual birthday...
we had his party over the weekend.
for months, he has asked for a snake party.
so, snakes...we had!
i made silly little snakes for each of his friends...

a birthday banner with pictures of him and his favorite critters...

a snake cupcake - cake...

and lots of snakes decorated the tables.
that's not all...

we had a reptile guy come to the house.
and he brought all kinds of cool friends!
{like this fat tailed gecko.}

cade LOVED it.
and he impressed us with his knowledge of reptiles.

a blue tongued skink.
{i think cade is wondering if he can have one for a pet.}

or maybe this one?
a {very large} iguana named T-Bo.

he stood like a tree and let this slithery creature climb all over him.


this python was 120 lbs and stretched the length of the living room!

all of the kids did pretty good with the critters.
{with the exception of randi.  she would not go near them.}

the reptile guy, rich ihle, was amazing.
he was great with the kids.
he was fun and educational.
you can find info on him HERE.

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keep calm and carry on said...

Cade looks like he is in heaven!! I love his huge smile the whole time!!!