Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Vintage Album

my latest design team challenge from the paper vineyard...
an original album.
i went for the vintage look...
with a "you are fabulous" theme.

{photos are not that great...i couldn't get the lighting right.}

the plain books {mine is the plain jane tree}
can be found at pv.

i loved my paper.
it's all from the vintage collection stack.

randi's favorite page.

my favorite page.
the quote...
"you is good.  you is smart.  you is important."
{from:  the help.}

this was a very fun project for me.
i love digging through my stuff and seeing what i have.
and, since i have a slight obsession with paper...
it was great to actually use what i buy!

if you are in the area {nellie}...
stop by paper vineyard
and vote for my album.
{we can BOTH win prizes!!!}


Marijo said...

Mindy, this is an awesome book. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Mindy, I finally got into PV to see your book in person. It's wonderful and if that paper is any indication of your stash, I'd like to play with you. I'm really inspired.

keep calm and carry on said...

so cute! you've been in a crafting storm!! i wanna craft w you! just saw the help yesterday. sooo gooodd!!!!