Friday, September 30, 2011


cade has some good buddies at school.
{these are the three musketeers.}
ren {one with the hat} and cade are two peas in a pod...
little home bodies, sensitive, enjoys playing the drums,
and loves break dancing!

but, yesterday...
we had to say goodbye to this one.
ren and his family are moving to the other side of the country {PA}.
and we are very sad.
{and very envious.}

randi is a couple of years older than bella...
but, they are a lot alike!
{little social butterflies...who have little brothers to drive them crazy.}

they are a super sweet family.
i wish we would have done more together.
we will miss them
{especially cade.}
but, i'm very excited to plan a trip to PA!

{side note:  after taking these pictures, saying goodbye, crying...cade got in the car and said,
"we are NEVER moving!  do you understand me?  i am never leaving my friends!"}

{dang it!  there goes my plans!}

1 comment:

Randi said...

i know! so sad! :( i miss his hair!