Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fall Menu

this morning i went to trader joes.
{love tj's.}
i was welcomed with beautiful gourds...fairy tale pumpkins..apples...
it is still 106 degrees here.
{tired of me complaining yet?}
i decided to make a delicious fall dinner.
complete with apple pie.
{cade - who was still home sick - picked out the mini pumpkins pictured above.}

i decided to make my favorite mushroom soup with homemade bread.
my bread turned out beautiful.
my pie?
not so much.

i have made a lot of pies.
and i have never had the crust problems i had today.
it was NOT cooperating.
i rolled and rolled.
soon...profanities began flying out of my mouth.
cade ran in to see what the problem was.
{by this time - i was not only frustrated...but, i began to sweat.}
when i told him the problem, he looked and me and said:
"well, mom...that's how baking is. you never know if it's going to turn out the way you want it to."
wait.  what?!
ok mr. juila childs.

after giving up on my crust...i just laid strips on the bottom...filled it with my apples...and crumbled crust on top.  it was still yummy.

after noticing the flour {everywhere}, he said:
"mom, remember when i was little and you would put flour on a tray and let me play in it with my construction trucks?"

of course i remembered...as it was only two years ago.
so, he did it again.
and, again...i {secretly} liked it.

after sweating through the afternoon...rolling, cussing, baking, cleaning...
we finally enjoyed a nice fall meal...
with the a/c cranked on and fans on full blast.

please fall...hurry up and get here!

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