Saturday, September 24, 2011

Happy Things

although the week began with a sick little boy...
it ended with lots of happy things.
...going to the dback game on a wednesday afternoon.
{where we got to see mimi and cade caught a t-shirt.}

...having a hooky day to see curious george at barns and noble with fav cousin.
{curious george was a flop.  so, we came home and played with play dough and watched cars.}

...having sparkles all over you face!
{randi attended a "glitter-n-glow" dance at school friday night.}

other happy things this week...
  • going to the musical instruments museum with a bunch of 6th graders.
  • having dinner with my mom, aunt darlene, and cousin anna...where we laughed, talked, and laughed some more for 4 hours!
  • making a little lovey blanket for my neighbor's new baby.
  • making an apron for my little neighbor girl's birthday...and going to her party.
  • making lots of banana chocolate chip bread...for teachers and neighbors.
  • teaching at LA fitness again.
  • hanging and chit-chatting with my neighbors outside {while kids played} friday night.
  • kissing mr. c after he was gone for for a couple of days.


Randi said...

glitz 'n' glow mom

Randi said...

ehem...where is my blanket?