Sunday, September 11, 2011

Moment of Silence

ten years ago today seemed like an ordinary day.
i was getting ready for work
when the phone rang.
it was my mother in law
telling me to turn on the today show.
i did.
and, couldn't believe what i was seeing.
confusion.  devastation. sadness.  anger.

the world changed forever after 9/11.
no matter who you are, where you are from, or where you were...
your world changed.

mr. c, the kids and i attended the dback game today.
i was emotional before we even made it to our seats.
while standing in line to buy sodas and giant pretzels...
i teared up watching service men and women being honored {on the big screens.}

by the time we made it to our seats...a lump was building in my throat.
the national guard came out.
carrying our flags.
they announced that we "will always remember".
the announcer then asked if we would all take a moment of silence.
you could have heard a pin drop.
thousands of people...
and not a sound was heard.
at that moment i realized...
it doesn't matter what we do or don't believe in.
it doesn't matter who we voted for or what we think of our political leaders.
it doesn't matter who we choose to love or where we are from.
for that one moment...
we were one.
a union.
a single thread of human kindness.
and we believe in hope and good things.

by the time they sang the national anthem...i was a mess.
{i cry during the anthem anyway.}

it was all over in a moment.
my eyes dried.
i drank my soda and ate my munchies.
i laughed with my hubby and kids.
{i watched the dbacks lose.}

but, that moment...
was a moment to remember.

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