Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sorry in a Trash Can

cade had a bad moment yesterday.
a really long, bad moment.
not sure what triggered it.
maybe the fact that we had been shopping for three hours...
and, had not stopped for a snack.
and, we were moving fast.
{randi even said, 'i haven't moved this fast in my life."}
and, the three hours ended with mean ol' mom telling him "no"
when he wanted a Cars train.
{this was strictly a school clothes and shoe venture.}

so, we left with him in tears...
yelling for me to not talk to him.
by the time we got to the car he was hysterical.
saying the following:
"i don't like you right now!"
"i don't want you for my mom!"

and the best was....
"can i play right now? wait, don't talk to me!"
"can i play"
after ignoring him for a minute or so i replied,
"yes. you may play."
{i'm well aware that this is not the right reward for his behavior.  but frankly, i didn't want to be around him.}
he responded:
"no i can't!  i shouldn't be able to play when i'm acting like this!"
"are you mad?"
"i know you're mad.  you should be mad!"

this was all be said through wailing sobs.
it was almost comical.
{randi thought it was very comical.  she did not help matters.}

by the time we got home
he was laughing and back to his old self.
it was like he was possessed by a little devil for about 10-15 minutes.
as soon as mr. c saw him - he could tell he had been crying.
so...cade had to fess up to daddy about what happened.
{he does not like that.  at all.}

hours later, i was in his room...
helping him with his legos...
when he got up and said he needed to do something.
he came back and handed me one of his little trash cans.
i just set it aside.
he said, "did you look in the trash can?"
i reached for the can...opened it up...
and found this...
he was sitting on his bed.
waiting to give me big hugs.
waiting for me to tell him i forgive him.
and, i was sorry too.
i covered him in kisses and squeezed him so tight.
and told him how much i loved him.
 we watched rio.


Randi said... a trash can? at the mall it was so funny because the candy store was next to that stand selling $800 remote control helicopters, but of course cade goes for the more expensive one...

It's Me! Adriana said...

This story is adorable. He is a genious because he did apologize but made you go to the trash can to get it...hilarious..and genious

Hedgehog Reader said...

Such a cute story, and boy does it bring back memories! All I can say is, next to "love" the #1 must-have ingredient in a parent is "sense of humor"! Lucky you (and your lucky kids), you have both! xo :o)