Friday, September 2, 2011

Summer Moments

with summer coming to a close...
{even though it's still a billion degrees outside}
i thought i should post a few photos of our summer.

we rode the lifts at sunrise.

and took in the beautiful views.

hung out with this cute family
when they spent a weekend with us in greer.

played with our favorite neighbors.
{danny and michael are awesome young men.  they are so good with cade.
every afternoon when they would get home from working all day...
cade would beg to go see them.  he would say, "can i go see if danny and michael can play?"
and...they always would.}

we went to the catwalk in new mexico.
it is pretty cool.
randi thought it was going to be a real catwalk.
you know?  like the models walk on.

our good friend and neighbor, dolores, made the trip with us.
{you like cade's shoeless foot?  he was getting a blister on that one.}

and, we almost got stuck in a monster storm!

another fabulous summer!

1 comment:

Randi said...

duh, you never mentioned it was THAT type of cat-walk!