Saturday, September 17, 2011

Time for Tea

a couple of weeks ago, a dear friend of mine asked if i would
cater an event for her.
{a small gathering at her home.}
i was elated!
i did not hesitate to say YES!
her theme was "tea".
i gathered various teapots and filled them with happy sunflowers.
{in retrospect, i would have mixed them up with daisies or teacup roses.}

she wanted appetizers and desserts...since it was a post dinner meeting.
and it was to feed about a dozen people.
pictured above...
sweet cream filled strawberries topped with slivered almonds.

i filled antique teacups with homemade chocolate turtles.
{so yummy.}

and finally, a baked brie with crackers.
{brie topped with toasted walnuts, a triple berry preserve
and baked in a puff pastry.}

it was so much fun...
anybody else have any catering needs?
; )

{thank you, dear friend, for asking me to do this for you!}

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