Monday, September 19, 2011


...i'm tired.
cade called out for me in the middle of the night with a fever.
he and i stayed up 'till about 4AM.
he was too restless to sleep.
i was too worried about his high fever.

...he stayed home.
{and, i secretly liked it.}
we laid in bed and watched bugs bunny.
i got to thinking about the recent news of sponge bob being bad
for kid's brains {or something like that}.
we grew up with bugs, tom and jerry, flinstones...
have you watched those lately?
{and, we're all fine.  for the most part.} thoughts were with randi.
she is growing up so fast.
she hates to miss school.
she is a great student.
a confident leader.
and an all around good girl.
{and, she's beautiful.}

...i ate snickerdoodles.
{i made them yesterday in anticipation of having my little cookie monster, emerson, here.}

...i cleaned out and organized all of my fabric.
i have an exciting opportunity coming up
and i need to get sewing!

now, i get to go to sleep.
and wrap up in mr. c's arms.

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