Wednesday, October 19, 2011

At the Moment...

i know.
i've been missing in action.
i do this with my journals too...
write religiously...then slack off.
{but, i never thought i would do it with my blog!}

but, i have a good excuse.
we were in greer for most of fall break.
{glorious.  wonderful.  fall-ish.}
randi's friend, jilly joined us.
we caught {and killed} crawdads. {we're supposed to destroy them.}
went horseback riding at xdiamond ranch.
{pictured above.}
it is one of our most favorite places.  ever.
i really want to live there.
and, run the ranch,
with horses and chickens and cows.
{oh my!}

on our last night there...
my laptop quit on me.
brought it home.
took it to the computer doctor.
it was very sick with a very bad virus.
just to be safe...
i took my desk top in too.
therefore, i've been computer-less for several days.
{it was bittersweet.}

now that i've given all my excuses for not posting...
here are some highlights of the week:

  • randi and jilly.  two peas in a pod those two.  they slept in the upstairs themselves.  rode their bikes to get milkshakes...every day. and danced and sang and made us all laugh.  {especially when randi got covered in mud on our hike and when jilly put a dead crawdad in her purse.  yes. she had her purse at the crawdad pond.}
  • cade catching snakes and chasing the girls with them.
  • cade being a little nervous about his first horse riding experience...but, riding like a true cowboy.
  • eating yummy food and laughing with chris and linda.  every night.
  • watching mr. c relax.  completely.
  • playing rummy royal with chris and linda and ME winning the whole she-bang.  twice!
  • monday morning.  tears from cade.  he wasn't ready for the vacation to be over.  {it took alot of strength for me to send him to school.  i wanted him to stay and play with me.}
  • being at the school yesterday and seeing cade walk down the hall.  when i called out to him and he turned and waved.  took a few steps...then turned and sprinted towards me with a smile on his face...jumped into my arms.  my heart melted.
and now...i have got to get busy.  i have aprons to make.  goodies to bake.  hieroglyphics to write {for cade's class.}  a crocodile to help make.  halloween costumes to make.  brochures to create.  come up with something for our anniversary.  clothes to iron.  and a house to clean.
and, i'm sure i'm forgetting something.

1 comment:

Randi said...

pl-ease!!!!! i was SO excited to get back to school!!!!!!! by the way you did forget something...
i am gladly ordering my costume.