Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Being Thankful

i woke up this morning feeling...
incredibly thankful.
and happy.
and blessed.

mr. c usually wakes up {super} early.
sometimes he crawls back in bed before he gets ready to leave for the day.
this is one of my absolute favorite times of the day.
i wrap up in his arms and we sleep a little more.
this was my morning today.
only...i didn't sleep.
i listened to him breathe and drift off to dream land...
and i thought about how blessed i am.

i have a husband who adores and loves me.
i feel it every day.
and, i give it right back to him.

i have two beautiful, fun kids who make me laugh every day.
cade is all boy.
{and drives me crazy at times.}
but, he is so full of love and playfulness...and lots of questions.
randi is all girl.
{and, also, drives me crazy at times.}
but, she is unbelievably strong and independent...i marvel at her strength and mind.

i have an amazing family.
my parents are the best grandparents anyone could ask for.
mr. c and i are both grateful for their close relationship with the kids.
i have awesome brothers.
and, i am lucky that one lives by me with his sweet wife and precious little boy.
i love being a part of his life...being aunt mindy.
and, i am lucky to have a great extended family.
with my mom being the oldest of 5...i have lots of cousins...
and, i blessed that we have always been involved in each others lives.
{even though i don't see them as often as i would like.}

i am also lucky to have the material things we have.
however, it can be taken away tomorrow and i would still
feel blessed and extremely thankful. 

each day i...
and laugh.

{it's choices, right?  just like i tell cade...a couple of mornings a week...
"make a choice right now.  you can be happy and have a good day.
or crabby and have a bad day.  it's that simple little man...make a choice...
and make sure it's the right one!"}
; )


keep calm and carry on said...

beautiful :)

Randi said...

i have enough of that annoying TOP 20 stuff at school. :( but, besides that nice post :)