Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happiness is...

...unexpected snow!
as the temperatures finally dropped in the valley...
they really dropped in the mountains.
it's early for snow.
the leaves haven't even finished changing.
and, my flowers still had blooms.
but, it was so pretty.
and fun.
and after the last two months of
it was a wonderful surprise!

other happy things of the week...
  • getting all the fall/halloween decorations our home a fall look.
  • enjoying perfect temps in the valley.
  • hiking with one of my favorite people {kristen}.
  • making jam and finishing lots of sewing projects.
  • playing hooky on, we can get to the mountains!


It's Me! Adriana said...

Beautiful photos! I am loving in the weather in the valley but I have to say a twinge of jealousy looking at the snow!

Randi said...

FUN!!!!!!!!!! yeah, playing hookie while my friends went to the math party! :p