Monday, October 24, 2011

My Weekend

this weekend
i had the grand idea of taking the kids to the pumpkin patch.
{little e refused to be in this picture.  therefore, i had to squat down real low and be the other scarecrow.}

and, that little stinker, would not swing without being on mr. c's lap.
{mr. c is a trooper.  i tried to just put e on the swing...but, he wouldn't do it.  mr. c stepped in and saved the day!}

he wouldn't jump on the bouncy without me jumping too!!!

we also wandered through the corn maze, took a little train ride, and said "hi" to all the farm animals.
it was so flippin' hot and the line was too long to buy the pumpkins...
so, we bolted after about an hour.
{i promised i wouldn't suggest it next year.}

the rest of the weekend...
mimi and papa joined us for mr.c's delicious burgers on sat night.
{we were going to play games...but, the men were too in to college ball and world series.}

up most of the night with cade and his 6 year molars coming in. 
{i was driving around at midnight trying to find a drug store open.  thank goodness for my friend - martha - who is not only a a dental hygienist...but, was up sat night telling me what to do and where to go!}

i cleaned and cleaned all day sunday.
{happiness truly is a clean house.}

randi and i saw footloose.
{almost exactly like the first one...and i loved the first one.}

now it's monday...
busy week ahead.

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