Friday, November 18, 2011

At the Moment...

this week we
have been getting ready for thanksgiving.
cade and randi helped mimi make my nana's homemade noodles.

i made a gratitude tree.
the leaves are slowly...but, surely filling up.

mr. c surprised randi with a life size justin bieber.
her screams {of excitement} could be heard throughout the neighborhood.

cade is going through this
"scary movie action figure" phase.
{the action figures were purchased by mr. c .  not me.}
i don't like it.  i told cade if it continued i would have to take him to the doctor to have his head examined.
{and we all know how much he likes the dr.}

last night the four of us saw blast at mesa arts center.
it was AWESOME.
everyone liked it...but, i think i liked it the best.
cade {while home sick} played his drums throughout the day - today.

speaking of being sick...
it started with mr. c on sunday.  he stayed home tuesday.
by that day, i was starting to feel it.
i am still fighting it and feel pretty cruddy as i type.
cade was up at 1:30 last night with a fever...
but, i think he's fine...just worn out.
i detest being sick.
i refuse to stay in bed.
therefore, it lingers.  and lingers.

and finally...
i cried during regis and kelly this the tv icon said his goodbyes.
{it was really kelly that made me cry.}
but, i cry at most things!