Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Dentist Chair

last week, both kids had dentist appointments.
and they both had cavities.
two each.
{their first cavities...but, two each?  really?}
the dentist was able to fill randi's then and there.  in a matter of minutes.
cade, however, had bigger ones.
so, he had to go back.  yesterday.

he started crying before we even went in.
i told him he could sit in my lap...but, he wanted to be big and sit in the chair by himself.
the dentist came and started to numb the areas. they asked if i wanted him to have "laughing gas".
i told them, "i think you will want him to have laughing gas!"

so, after a few minutes of happy gas flowing through him he started swinging his arms around and being silly.
he was ready.
i watched as the dentist took that HUGE needle and worked it in to his tiny mouth. 
cade started screaming.
the dentist blamed it on a big mosquito.
cade insisted on seeing this "big mosquito".
the dentist told him he would show him when he was done.
cade was persistent.  when the dr. asked why he wanted to see it...
cade said, "so, i can use it on you!"
{truly.  another proud mom moment.}

the yelling went on for almost an hour and a half.
{the appt was only supposed to be about a half hour.}
he kept having to tell cade he couldn't yell.  he would "scare off the other patients."
every time the dr. would grab a different instrument cade would wave his arm and say,
"whoa!  wait doc!  what is that?  what are you going to do with it?"
he had to know what was going on and he had to see everything.
{hence the reason it took so long.}

once we were finally done...
i informed the dr. and the hygienist not to feel bad...
he saves this special behavior for everyone in the medical field.
{at least he wasn't yelling profanities like he did with the surgeon a few years ago.}

and, we were all relieved he had the laughing gas.

*cade did not want me to take a picture.  i had to wait till he was on the gas.  and i still had to be sneaky.
but, i couldn't pass up the opportunity to document this lovely, calm moment...
of him in the dentist chair.