Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Latest and Greatest

17 days since my last post.
we've been a little busy...
and, i have a feeling it will only getting busier.
i'll come up for air in january!

the week before halloween
the kids had a world fair day at school.
cade's class studied egypt.
and, they were to dress as an egyptian.
so, i whipped up this costume using a {very} old pillow case
and gold trim i happened to have in my stash,
{is it scary that i had all this stuff?}

during that same week...
randi had a masquerade ball to attend at school.
thanks to mimi and her stash of dress up clothes...
we were able to dress some of randi's friends for the occasion!
but, we found randi's "ball" gown at savers...for $10!!!

these girls were so cute.  her friend, ashley, came over after school
so they could do hair and make-up together.
so girly and fun!

her friend, aubri, had a sleep over the other night.
they made homemade masks...
put cucumbers on their eyes...
and listened to justin bieber.
{this brings back lots of memories!}

halloween night came and went in a flash!
randi {dark fairy} and jilly {justin bieber}...
always stayed one house behind us while trick or treating.
{because, they are cool like that.}

who's the scary scream guy?
that would be my sweet little boy.
{i begged him to let me make a costume for him.}
the green skeleton in the background?  my neighbor.
all of my fun neighbors went through the neighborhood together.
mr. c stayed home and passed out candy.

we ended the night with a stop at mimi and papa's.
i was anxious to see my little bat.
{thank goodness i have him to make cute costumes for!}

this cutie won 2nd place at the smeeks costume contest!
{i think it was his cute face more than my bat costume that earned him that win!}

our jack-o-lanterns.
mr. c's was the best...but, you can't see his because the light was not as bright. : (
{yes...that's an ASU pumpkin.}

after the candy was counted and traded...
miss priss separated hers in to bags.
labels and all!
{ummm...can you say "mimi"?}

this past monday
we woke up to cold {hallelujah} and rain.
the perfect day to play hooky!
plus, i knew i would have emerson that day...
and he would be so excited to see randi and cade.

i'm hitting that time of the semester where i'm ready to have my kids home.
ready for lots of hooky days!
{cade is ready to join me.  randi?  she doesn't like to miss school.}

other happenings over the past 17 days...
  • mr. c and i celebrated our anniversary.  mimi and papa took us and the kids to lan's.  it was a perfect evening.  {they were actually taking mr. c to dinner to thank him for the roof he fixed on their cabin and everything else he does...we just picked our anniversary to celebrate with them and the kids.}
  • two days later we got some GREAT news.  {no, i'm not pregnant.  but, we would be excited if i was!}  it was actually mr. c's news.  and he deserved it more than anybody.
  • it snowed at our mountain home.
  • evil leader r. pearce was ousted out of office.  now, if we can get rid of a few others...our state might actually turn around.
  • i have been substitute kinder teacher and 1st grade teacher.  and, it wears me out!
  • i have taught LA fitness classes just about every day.
  • papa is the substitute PE teacher.  the kids and staff LOVE him.
  • i'm selling my goods at a darling store called green table gifts.  more on that later.
i think that's the highlights....just a peak of what's been happening around our home.
happy thursday!