Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Moments

this christmas...
cade lost a top - front tooth.  the other one is wiggly...and i so badly wanted it to come out too.
then he could sing "all i want for christmas is my two front teeth."

this little beauty was with us this christmas...which made our christmas much brighter.
cade's class made these.
they were auctioned off at the santa breakfast...
and i was so happy to get them!
so cute!

just about every inch of the house was decorated.
inside and out.
the decorations went up the day after thanksgiving.
and came down the day after christmas.
{i actually started taking stuff down christams afternoon.  when it's's over.}

cade and i saw winnie the pooh christmas with debbie and emerson.
i took randi several times when she was younger.
i think this is last year cade will go with me.
{thank goodness for emerson.}

emerson really liked it.
{i think cade did too...although he may not admit it.}

i organized a little caroling outing.
i always went when i was young and i really wanted my kids to have the tradition of going.
thankfully, i have friends who are willing to participate in my ideas...
and we had a good group of little carolers.
{cade was leading the pack and thank goodness for randi and jilly...they carried the songs.}

we saw beautiful christmas lights.

we had christmas eve dinner at mimi and papa's.
{yes, my son is having a coke with dinner.}

after dinner, dr. emerson fixed uncle bob.  the doctor said, "you are really bad...i need to fix you."

later that evening, we {along with mimi and papa} surprised a single mom and her 15 year old son with a little christmas love.  we didn't know them...but, we will always remember them.

we left santa some s'mores.
{because, if you leave s'mores...he'll leave more.}
: )

and, christmas morning...
started early...but, not too early.
santa came and everyone was happy.
with the movie, christmas story, on in the background...
presents were opened and lots of cheers and "thank yous" were yelled.
when it was all done {by 8:00}, i suggested we go hike south mountain.
you could hear crickets chirping after my idea was told.
no takers.
but, randi decided she would ride her bike while i ran.
{cade wanted to stay and play with neighbors.}
it was a beautiful day.
when we got home, i took all the kids to the park.

that evening, we went to my mom's and exchanged gifts with my family
and had a scrumptious - nontraditional, homemade...
chinese food dinner.

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keep calm and carry on said...

sounds like a perfect Christmas!! I'm so bummed we missed your caroling!! I bet you were wonderful. Love the banner :)