Sunday, December 18, 2011

Happy Things

life has been blissfully busy lately.
a crazy - good kind of busy.
and with all the craziness...there has been lots of happy things.

happy things of the week:

attending the kid's school - breakfast with santa.
they have snow in the parking lot, carriage rides, pictures with santa, a silent auction and a pancake breakfast.
it is so much fun!

celebrating debbie's birthday at my parent's house...with her parents visiting from new hampshire.
{love her parents.}

attending the kid's school christmas concert.
it was awesome.

they sang the cutest songs and were so animated.
randi's class only performed once and she played an instrument...
but, she was on the other side of the stage...i could only get a picture of her arm. : (

one of the classes sang "i'll be home for christmas".
this is my favorite christmas carol and i cry just about every time i hear it...
{especially when they have recordings of service men/women sending wishes to their loved ones.}
however, hearing those little voices sing that song...
it melted my heart.

and, the best part of the evening???
i won front row seats in the silent auction.
it was so worth every penny!
cade had to wear jammies and randi had to wear "holiday" attire.
she procrastinated knowing what she was going to wear...and threw a little pre-teen fit when i got after her.
but, happiness is her pulling this little ensemble together in minutes.  she looked and felt darling.

i made cade's jammies.
it makes my heart happy that he will not only wear what i make...
but, wants to go with me to pick out the fabric!

it made me happy to walk into green table gifts and see that i had sold out of everything i had made.
{i wasn't so happy knowing i had to quickly bust out some more stuff.}

i was VERY happy when the big zit on my cheek went away.
and, although randi was mortified that i would go out in public with it...
she informed me that "at least it makes you look younger."
{lovely child.}

i was happy to get all of the teacher gifts made, muffins baked, etc. for the last day of school.
{i had a couple of late nights...crafting and watching white christmas.  total happiness.}

cade's class had a polar express jammie party.
cade, emerson, and i all went in our jammies.
randi had a "big kid" party.
{junk food and movies.}
after the party - i changed out of my jammies...but, emerson didn't want to.
i had to run a few errands...and i think he made others happy seeing him in his pj's. : )

i was happy to spend the day in the kitchen yesterday.
making carrot cake jam and devils food cupcakes with cream cheese frosting...dusted with coco.
some friends came over for dinner with their two boys.
they are a cute, fun family...
it makes me happy to spend time with them.

and finally, this morning {sunday}...
i went for a nice, long run {before it started raining}.
now it's dark and rainy...the perfect cuddle weather.
i painted my nails christmas red with glitter on top.
{that makes me very happy.}

and now, i'm sitting in my craft room {my happy place}.
cade's in here playing and watching wizard of oz.
sheer happiness.

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