Monday, December 12, 2011

Let It Snow!

the first weekend of december we headed up to our mountain home.
 a storm was coming and we couldn't miss the snow.
{this photo was taken about 45 minutes away from our home...she is in her flip-flops!}

and little mr. c at the same pit-stop.

the drive was gorgeous!
and a little scary at times.

but, we had this handsome mad at the wheel...
so, all was good.

did i mention is was gorgeous?

mr. c had invited another family up for the weekend.
a family i didn't know.
and he only knew the husband.
he kept telling me it would be ok...
but, i wasn't sold.  i was going to have to spend the weekend with people i may not care for.
however, as usual...he was right.
they are an awesome family!
the wife and i hit it off...with so much in common.
fun husband and 2 great boys {ages 7 and 9}.

we took the kids sledding
and it snowed most of the day.
{cade getting ready to go down.}

mr. c helping randi head down the hill.

the two husbands race down...
i think mr. c won. : )

cade and randi raced down.
pretty sure cade won...he beat everyone.

i raced the 9 year old down...
and just when i thought i was going to win...
i did a back flip/ glasses flew off and i was covered in snow.
he won.

she does not like this picture.
but, i LOVE it.

my little family.

this idea was cute in my head...

great weekend.
i wish we were still there.
another storm hit today.