Friday, December 2, 2011

A Week of Thanks

thanksgiving week 2011...
the kids had their annual wax museum at school.
cade was john carver...

the 1st grades relived the first thanksgiving
and showed us the lifestyle of the pilgrims and indians.

the kids were so cute!
they had to be frozen until their "button" was pushed...
they would then come to life and tell us who they were.
the classroom was completely transformed...
a giant tee pee was in the center with a corn field, a forest, and lots of cute characters.
{they were even on local news thanksgiving morning...saying, "good morning arizona!  happy thanksgiving!"

randi's class was body organs!
randi was a battery died while taking pictures of her class. : (
she made an awesome trachea...glued it to the top of a t-shirt...and i embroidered "trachea" below.

after school - i made the hour and a half drive to drop randi off with her grandpa...
so, she could spend thanksgiving with her other family.
i cried as i drove away.
it's never easy.
not having her with me.
but, i drove away thinking how thankful i am that she is so loved.
she has so much family to love her.
and, as i gave my ex father-in-law a big hug...i felt grateful knowing life goes on.
good people remain to be good people...and randi is surrounded by good people.

mr. c and i were up earlier.  he was in charge of the turkey and had to get it cooking.
i happily baked pies and delicious apple rolls while watching the parade.
{sheer happiness.}
randi called me a couple of times to make sure i was watching.
she and kami were also watching and baking.
{love kami.}
and she had called my mom and she was - also - doing the same thing.

once we got everything ready...
mr. c and i took cade and the neighbor kids to the local high school. 
we ran bleachers - while they played and played.
it was nice to see so many groups and families out playing football, kickball, etc.

thanksgiving dinner was at my mom's. 
it was nice.  mellow.  comfortable.
we ate and played games.
and enjoyed the company.

up and at 'em early!
we had a house to decorate!!!
{this is mr.c's least favorite day of the year.}
after several truck loaded trips to our storage area...we got busy.
trimming the tree...hanging lights...moving furniture.
by that evening, the interior was done.
{although, i still think i need a few things.}
we ordered pizza and mr. c invited my parents over to eat and relax...
they had been doing the same thing all day.

the kids and i road with my parents to safford...
for a family get together.
{mr. c had some work to do...and decorate the outside of our home.}
we had so much fun!
cade and emerson caught a lizard....
the poor thing was so man handled after being passed around to all the cousins...
his tail came off at some point...and they finally let him go.

our gathering took place at my aunt and uncle's house.
they have three grandchildren {and one on the way}...
and have built this awesome park on their property.

little miss thing had fun with her cousins.
we don't see them often enough.

cade had fun too.
there were so many kids...
26 to be exact!!!
{and 20 adults.}
it was awesome!
i loved sitting around the table with all the girl cousins and wives.
it made me want to be around them more.  i have so many childhood memories with them.
even though i grew up 1000 miles away...
my summers were with them.
and, i want my kids to have that too...
lots of family...
to make lots of fun memories.