Thursday, January 26, 2012

100th Day of School

yesterday, the kids celebrated their 100th day of school.
cade's class had an assignment:
dress like you are a 100 years old or wear 100 of something.
{100 stickers on your shirt, 100 cheerios, etc.}

cade's teacher scared some of the kids with her costume!
she is hilarious...and an awesome teacher.
{love her!}

we wanted to be unique...
since arizona will be 100 on february 14th...
we decided to dress up as arizona.

we cut out the state of az and pasted different facts about az through the years.
cade decorated the back side with things found in az...snakes, cacti, etc.

he had a fun day and loved being different from everyone else!

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Randi said...

Yikes! She scares more than the students!