Sunday, January 29, 2012


A few moments from my week...

Subbed a fifth grade class...easier than the first grade class. However, not my cup of tea...glad my degree is in recreation mgt...not education.

Made chocolate chip cookies with Emerson. (he believes aunt mindy always has cookies!)

When I picked up Emerson two days later...the first thing he said to me was, "mindy, did bob eat all the cookies?". (fortunately, there were two left.)
He had to run a few errand with me. At one point...while driving...I noticed his head tilted to the side. I said,"are you getting tired?" he said,"no. I'm just making sure my neck works."

Randi informed me that I was middle age. Conversation went like this:
Randi- "he probably thought you were just some middle aged woman."
Me- " I'm not middle aged."
Randi- "yes you are. You are almost 40...double that and you're almost 80. That makes you middle aged."

While playing basketball with Cade he said, "am I good or what. Should I take my shirt off?"
I replied, "yeah, you're good. Leave your shirt on."

I completed my second week of wearing my invisalign. (my Christmas gift.) I was so excited to get I'm thinking it's going to be a long year. But, by the time I actually am middle aged self will have nice, straight teeth.

and finally....I have to mention how (once again) disgusted I am with our governor. Arizona was in the spotlight...again. Negative press...again. Our idiot leader shaking her finger at the president of the united states...minutes after he arrives in Arizona. His positive visit was clouded by her stupidity. I believe it was a publicity stunt. (she and arpaio have those down...just like all the other reality tv trash.)
it was childish, inappropriate, and disrespectful.

Ok. That's it. I will refrain from saying anything else on this matter.

Here's to a new week....lunches with friends, February, birthdays...lots of goodness!

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Lorie said...

And I was the opposite, I was the one saying Go Brewer!! My reasoning for supporting Brewer is O is having his new health care plan have EVERYONE pay for abortions, the pill, and the morning after baby killer. This is why I was thinking O needs a good fingering wagging because my family and I don't want to pay for any of that. So, I have to support Brewer with that one.