Sunday, January 22, 2012


last week, mr. c  was a major league baseball player.
he participated in the dback fantasy camp...
and loved it!
{my mom has tried to convince him to do it for the last couple of years...he finally gave in when we gave it to him for christmas.}

when i met this sexy man...
he played baseball all the time.
and, i loved it.
 i adore watching him.
he loves the game and you can tell.

he stayed at camp {resort} all week.
when he called me after the first night...
he was like a 10 year old boy at camp.
so excited!
he was the first pick and chosen to be on mark grace's team.
{which is ironic because, he was drafted the same year as grace...10 rounds before him.}
everything was going smoothly...
until he lunged after a ground ball and pulled his hamstring on the first day.
however, he sucked it up...spent time with the trainers...and didn't do much running.
only hitting.

on thursday afternoon, i pulled the kids out of school
and we headed over to the fields to catch mr. c in action.
papa joined us too.
i made big signs and was ready to bust out my old cheer moves!
it was so much fun!
everyone loved the signs...
and he hit better than he had all week.
and guess who got all the credit for those great hits?

just when i don't think it's possible to love this man more...
i watch him play baseball!

the kids had fun watching him and listening to the banter of the players.
{gracey and gonzo were pretty funny.}
cade shagged all the foul balls.

randi had fun too...although she was confused at times.
{she gets confused during cade's football games too!}

my sign caught the attention of tim {of tim and willy}.
{he played on mr. c's team.}
he interviewed mr. c, the kids, and myself...
and we made fox news  the next morning!
it was super cute...
he even called mr. c "rookie of the year!"

after the game, papa took the kids and i stayed the night at the resort.
it was nice to meet the guys he had been playing with all week.
and it was super nice to be with mr. c!
{thank you mimi and papa.}

we went out thursday night.
he played two games on friday.
and we attended the closing banquet friday night.

it was a great week for my hubby.
awesome group of guys...
nice, organized camp...
fun veteran players...
and he deserved every minute of it.
now, i hope this gets him playing again...
so, i can keep watching him!

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anna said...

that is so awesome!! I LOVE your are too dang cute! :) What a cool experience!