Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pink Skies

i'm a happy person.
and, i get questioned about my happiness regularly.
yesterday morning, as i was standing at the front desk of the gym, an elderly man walked in and said,
"well, aren't you all smiles. what? did you win the lottery or something?"
me: "nope. just happy."
{he shook his head and walked off.}
later that afternoon, i walked into my dentist office and was greeted with,
"you are always all smiles and happy!  will you share some of that?"

a few weeks ago i as walking with randi at school when a staff member came up to talk to me.
midway through the conversation she said,
"are you always like this? i've never seen you in a bad mood."
randi replied before i could...
"yes.  she is.  she tries to be mean and tough...but, she's really not."

mr. c asks me occasionally how can i be so happy all the time.
i don't know the answer.
i've always been this way.
maybe it's the way i was raised...
i was taught if you feel down...do something for someone else.
{hence the reason i show up on doorsteps, the school, etc with baked goods.}
and...don't stress over things you cannot fix.
{that was hard one for me.}
and...while making choices...if the choice is not hurting others or your eternal salvation...then it's fine.
{my mom....the philosopher.}

i just think it's easier to be happy versus angry or sad.
and it's all a domino effect.
my mood can and will effect that of my kids or hubby...and vice versa.
do i ever get mad or sad?
of course. 
but, i prefer not to wallow in that state.

it's all choices.
and i choose to be happy.
as my mom says,
"the skies are pink in mindy's world."

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keep calm and carry on said...

you make me happy! and it makes me happy reading this ;)