Friday, January 13, 2012

Ringing in the New Year

we spent the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012
at our mountain home.
lots of snow...
and sunshine.

the snow was so deep around our home.
mr. c and the kids had plenty of snow ball fights and built cool forts.
{we did have the occasional drama when snow crept into shirts, pants, eyes, gloves, etc.}

randi felt the need to cool off her brain.
{wearing her cute, new snow gear mr. c picked for her.}

the girl manages a pose...
even as she flies down the sled hill.

mimi even got in on the sledding action!
{mr. c makes this sled hill off our back deck every winter.  it is so fun!}

cade's little body would soar down the hill!

i got a little air off this ride!
{i, obviously, did not manage a pose like randi.}

it was such a perfect few days.
my parents were there with us.
and our other favorite people...our neighbors...the other c's...
were there.

some highlights of the days:

snow shoeing with mr. c on new year's eve day.
we had never done it before and we loved it!  great work-out!

on new year's eve...
we went over to the other c's house.
we had dinner and played games.
guestures was alot of fun.  mr. c, danny, cade and i were all on the same team. {yikes!}
the best move of the game?
my mom doing a full on somersault.  {a perfect 10!}
her word?  roll.
a close second was linda...inventing the "broom dance".

on new year's day the kids and i went sledding on a bigger hill with linda and michael.
although, i got pretty banged up from too many crashes...
it was so much fun!
especially the crazy trains we did!

here's to a fabulous 2012!

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Randi said...

Well mother, i could probably manage a pose anywhere :). My face hit that ice really hard! I still kinda hurt from that mean hill.