Friday, February 10, 2012

From the Mouth of Babes

conversations with my kids are {usually} entertaining.
the other day, we hopped in the car after school.
i immediately asked my usual questions...
"how was your day?"
randi:  "good.  but, we have school pictures tomorrow and i have NOTHING to wear!"
me:  "wait a second.  you've already had school pictures.  i'm not ordering more pictures."
randi:  " i know.  this is some all school picture thing.  and. i have nothing to wear!"
me:  "ok. i'm not buying you a new have plenty to wear."
randi:  "fine.  but i have a million split ends.  i need a trim."
{are you kidding me right now?}
me:  "i can't get you in before tomorrow."
randi:  "ok.  but, i have a huge zit on my chin!"
cade {from the backseat}:  "do you want me to pop it for you?"

as we arrived home...
cade jumped out of the car and said,
" you want to see how far i can spit this loogie?"

"yes!  please amaze me with your talent!"

{photos were taken on the morning of the picture day...
her outfit is cute.
i don't see any split ends.
and no zit in sight.}

happy friday!