Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Heart Day

the valentines are made...and probably delivered by now.
i convinced randi to take some...even though - she said - they are too old to have a party.

for hers...
we made homemade chocolate chip cookies...
put them in cd sleeves...
and she decorated them with a card, ribbon and stickers.

cade's were a bit challenging.
he didn't like anything i found in the blog world...
or any crazy idea i had.
so, over the weekend we ventured over to the 99 cent store
and found a six pack of cars for 99 cents.
we decided to do,
"valentine...you make my heart race!"

mr. c wasn't crazy about the idea.
{he thought i should have different sayings for boys and girls.}
but, cade and i liked them.
and they turned out cute.

he signed his name on the back of them...
and the whole thing cost me $4.00!

i also made these fun heart sandwich cookies.
{found HERE.}
i used pink lemonade cake mix instead of strawberry.
and, i think i flattened my down to much...they lost a bit of their heart shape.

we decided to give these to the teachers, office staff, and some of my girlfriends.

not only is it valentines day...
but, it's arizona's 100th birthday!
the students had the option of dressing like a cowboy/girl.
{cade opted not to dress up.}
but, randi wouldn't pass up the chance!

and my valentine outfit?
i was going to wear all red...when i remembered i had this heart knit fabric.
so, i just cut it into strips...sewed it together to make a big circle...
and made an eternity scarf.
it only took me a few minutes and it matched my green maxi skirt...
which i made a few months ago!

all of my valentines were greeted with little surprises this morning.
{cade thinks the valentine fairy comes.}
just little somethings...to make their day happier.

and tonight, i'm making an italian dinner...
with homemade, heart shaped foccacia bread.
{it's rising now...let's hope it turns out.}
and homemade chocolate truffles for dessert.
{found HERE.}

mr. c doesn't quite get the fact that i play up birthdays and holidays.
but, it's how i was raised.
{my mom came by last night - delivering little valentine's to the kids.}
it's totally normal to me...and abnormal for him.
i don't know any other way.
nor, do i want to!
{besides, i know he secretly likes it!}

Happy Heart Day!

PS - mr. c proposed to me...nine years ago today.

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keep calm and carry on said...

aww. so clever you are!! love the valentines. what time should we be there for dinner?