Thursday, February 9, 2012

In the News

i have tried to refrain...
however, i decided i wanted my opinion, my great grandchildren will know how i felt. : )

cheers for the state of washington in passing a measure to allow same sex couples to wed.

cheers to the federal appeals-court for declaring california's ban on gay marriage unconstitutional.

cheers to the obama admin for making insurance/companies cover birth control.
i know this is a hot topic.  i do not, however, believe religious institutions should be forced to do this if it goes against their beliefs. 

and finally...
a HUGE boo, jeer, hiss to arizona lawmakers...once again.
senator ron gould has pushed a bill to pass allowing guns on our college campuses.
does the faculty want this?  NO
do the students?  NO
does the university police?  NO
so why did he push this?  hhhmmm....could it have anything to do with election time?  getting financial support from NRA? 
let's just hope and pray that brewer does something right and gives this bill a big VETO.  {i might have to gain a little respect for her if she does.}
if it does became law...
my children will not attend an arizona university. 
although, i'm proud to be an ASU alum...i will not send my kids to a college where their classmate may {legally} have a gun in their backpack.

one more thing...
the kids and i saw big miracle yesterday.
cute, heart warming story.
i left wishing the world was like that all the time.
greenpeace working with the big oil company...
democrats working with republicans...
everyone working together and getting along...
all for the goodness of something bigger.
something that makes everyone feel good.

i feel like i should break out in a song now.


Only A Girl said...

I am SO HAPPY about the steps being taken to ensure equality for everyone across the board.

Lorie said...

So basically, you are saying that your marriage doesn't count. Because that is exactly what happens in these states that validate the thing you are talking about. And yes, it is OK to disagree with this. So many people are afraid to disagree because if you do... you look like you are close minded. But, it is not that we are close minded it is because we are following the Bible. Ever heard of Adam and Eve? There was not an Eve and Eve and there was not an Adam and Adam. If there was we would NOT be here right now. Right? God did not set it up this way at all. The times before God flooded the earth this kind of stuff was happening. And then God had enough and flooded everything.

Love, Mindy said...

Lorie - of course my marriage should all. We all should have the right to love and marry whom ever we want. I'm sorry you feel differently...I'm sorry you believe your god feels differently....because I feel we are created equal.

Lorie said...

First, what I mean, about your marriage and mine not counting is that if the gov't allows this kind of marriage then really is ours something special? And whose to say in the future the gov't can say that a marriage between a man and woman is unlawful because now they allowed this. You never know. I agree with you, everyone is equal and I love all kinds of people. Our God has created all people equal we all come from the same place. :) Just like the Bible says, love your neighbor as thy self. But, this doesn't mean that there can't be a MORAL rule about marriage. As our God states from the Holy original Bible that marriage is between 1 man and 1 woman. The Bible also says a marriage is a sacrament. I guess most people now days don't want to follow Moral Rules so everything has to be a free for all. I just hope that you can see the flip side to this. And we can still love all people and accept all people. But, don't you think there should be some Moral rules still?

Love, Mindy said...

Lori- every ounce of my heart, brain and soul disagree with you. and, i will never see the "flip side" - just as you will never see my side. and that's ok. i completely respect others having different opinions and beliefs and i never try to push my beliefs on others...out of respect. you have turned my light-hearted post into something negative. let's be done. agree to disagree. and, please, for the love of all things pretty in this world...STOP using MY blog as your personal pulpit! you are hiding behind my blog. and as much as i respect the opinions and beliefs of others...i do not respect cowards!