Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Letter

dear cade,
i'm so proud of you for making the first touchdown at your game on saturday.
you ran the entire field and didn't look back 'till you crossed the line.  i cried.
{sissy made fun of me.}
then, you were so good while sissy and i were at ulta.  and, when i turned around
to see you sitting at the make-up counter - i realized why you were being so good.
you had a black eye liner pencil in your hand...making the black "football player" marks
under your baby blues.

dear fellow bloggers,
thank you for being so crafty.  i get the cutest ideas from all of you.
plus, you make an hour on the stair climber fly by....as i get carried away
in blog land.

dear mr. c,
i hope you had a wonderful birthday.
thank you for spending your evening with us.
 and letting the kids and i decorate...
make you dinner...
and wait on you.
we love you so much.

dear randi,
thank you for all of your help with lala's birthday.
i couldn't have done it all without you!
the poster and book you did were darling!!!

i had so much fun getting mani/pedis with you and mimi on superbowl sunday.
you are growing up so fast...and i'm so proud of you.

dear nana,
i hope you had a glorious 85th bday.
i'm sorry i missed the celebration...
i know it was a good one!

dear nellie,
thank you for meeting me and emerson for lunch.
i had so much fun...
it made me realize how much i miss YOU!
you are such a fun friend and a darling mother.
{being with you makes me want 8 more babies...truly.}

dear kristin,
i loved seeing you the other day.
two hours was not long enough!
i'm so grateful you came into my life...
you are such an awesome person!
{and thanks for sending me cute craft ideas.  keep 'em coming.}

dear emerson,
thank you for keeping me on my
"baking toes".
i'm glad you always expect cookies when you are at
aunt mindy's.

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keep calm and carry on said...

ahhh! what a sweet post. i am honored to be mentioned! it was the best lunch. i LOVE every minute i spend with you! i miss you too.
LOVE cade's football pic. he is absolutely darling!!!