Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Two Weeks

two weeks.
that's about low long it's been since my last post.
this is where the time has gone....

*** my grandfather passed away.  february 12th.  peacefully in his sleep.  my grandmother {his blondie} passed away several years ago...on february 14th...which was also her birthday.  odd...yet beautiful.

*** my neighbor called me saying, "i fell off a ladder.  something is not right."  i ran over...expecting to see her flat on her back with a broken bone.  however, she was walking around - outside.  and, she was completely disoriented.  she could not remember anything and didn't recognize certain things.  my other neighbor came over and said to call 911.  a few minutes later, our street was buzzing with a fire truck, ambulance and two police cars.  they determined she had a concussion and took her to the hospital.  i called her husband.  locked up her house.  took her little boy {almost 5}.  picked up another little boy...whom she was supposed to be getting from school.  {this was the only she could remember....and she kept saying it over and over.  even the firemen came over to me and said, "you have her boy?  and you're going to get the boy she keeps talking about?"  speaking of firemen...they were awesome!  they cleaned up her paint and washed her brushes.  {she was painting walls when she fell.}  by that afternoon i had three little boys {emerson too}...happily playing in the yard.
it was CRAZY!  and my friend/neighbor?  she's doing much better.

i visited my awesome brother at the celebrate fine art show in scottsdale.

he's amazing.  super talented.  plus, he's a good guy.
it's a pretty big deal that he was invited to be in this show {which runs every year.  january - march.}

this is his work space - within his booth space.  not only can you see and buy incredible art...but, you get to see the artist in action.  {i'm already trying to figure out how i can do it next year!}  just hang with these super cool people all day.

i watched this little boy {finally} loose his other front tooth.  it was hanging by a thread!
and, i watched him make another AWESOME touchdown.

i sat with this pretty girl...and tried to explain the game of football.  again.
: )

i watched this mama and papa duck call our back yard their home.  we haven't seen them in a day....we were REALLY hoping for some ducklings.  maybe this little cold spell we are having sent them somewhere else and they will return.  mr. c was even feeding them.  and guess who had to clean up the {very messy} poop?  me.  why is that???

***i made fabulous cookies out of this cookbook...troy and debbie gave me for christmas.  i'm kind of addicted to this book.  and, i just found out this author/baker is coming here next month!!!

***i have spent lots of time outside.  basking in this glorious weather.

***i have been teaching, running, and teaching some more.  probably too much.  and now...my body has a few new aches and pains.  but, i'm too obsessive/compulsive to stop my routine...let's just hope i don't get too injured. : )

***i went on a fun date with mr. c.  we had yummy pizza and beers at oregano's...then went to celebrity theatre to see a concert of all queen music.  the lead singer looked and acted just like freddie mercury.  it was so much fun!  it was more of mr. c's era...but, i knew all the songs.  {i showed my age when they started to perform "under pressure" and i asked it they sued vanilla ice for copying the music.}

***and...YIKES...i almost forgot...i also turned another year older!  i had a wonderful birthday.  it was on a sunday so we went to breakfast at hillside...strolled the farmer's market....went to a bikram yoga class with mr. c, then finished the day at my mom's for dinner with the family.  thank you mr. c, my two sugarboos, and my family for making it perfect!


FitterTwit said...

Oh wow... you HAVE been busy!!! Happy Belated Birthday! :)

Randi said...

I am sorry! I just don't understand the game! I mean, they throw little yellow flags on the field! It is very confusing!

keep calm and carry on said...

sounds lovely!! happy birthday!! i can't wait to celebrate it with you!!

you have been a busy girl :)