Monday, March 12, 2012

Eclectic Bisbee

last week, mr. c had to do some work in bisbee.
the kids and i jumped at the chance to go with him.
{whether he wanted to company or not...but, i'm sure he did.}

the kids and i love this little eclectic town.
it's funky, cool, it!

mr. c dropped us off in the downtown area while he worked.
we climbed lots of stairs...where we got to see all of the funky homes and yards.
{randi did not like the stairs.  at all.}

after a day of shopping, eating at a haunted hotel, and exploring alley ways...
we ended our excursion at the bisbee mine.

here, we donned hard hats, coats, flashlights
and toured the mine.

it was pretty amazing.
those men who worked in those mines....

i can't remember how many thousands of feet we went down...
but, it was a lot!

cade loved it.  and he made quick friends with our guide.

although this girl did not like the "outfits" we had to wear...
and she thought the whole thing was dirty...
she really liked it.

sitting on the toilets they used inside the mine.
so gross.

it was a fun day.
great little day trip.

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