Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Missing You

dear randi and cade,
yesterday was your first day back to school after spring break.
you guys didn't want to go.
and to be honest, i didn't want you to go.
although, i was happy to dive into some spring cleaning without someone making a mess behind me...
i missed hearing your voices.
randi, i missed hearing your singing...and goofy faces.
and, listening to your hair brain ideas....and hearing giggles as you face time with your girlfriends.
cade, i missed hearing you go in and out of the house...a million times.
and watching you play so hard.
i even missed seeing you change clothes a half dozen times in two hours...
and switching from playing cars, to basketball, to football, to legos, to baseball.

you both are growing up so fast.
randi...you are babysitting now...and wearing mascara and lip gloss. {now and then.}
it makes a little sad {and happy} to realize...i'm going to be visiting you at college before i know it.
{at least i know i will get to visit you in some fabulous place...because you are adamant about getting out of arizona!}

cade...you are loosing teeth left and right.  and seem to grow an inch every night.
you have started hesitating before holding my hand in public.
and, although you almost demand i walk you all the way into your classroom each morning...
you give me a nonchalant "bye" when i leave.

i love you two sugarboos more than words can say.  i am blessed to have two beautiful, smart, good kids.
thank you for the smiles.

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