Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Addiction

my name is mindy.
and, i am a bake-aholic.

it's almost out of control.

the other day, i made this batch of donuts.
vanilla and chocolate glazed.
there were so many!
after taking plates to my neighbors...
a plate to my mom's for an after dinner dessert...
and a few left for the kids...
i still had lots left.

mr. c is trying to watch what he eats.
{so, i couldn't leave them for him.}
my dear friend, nellie, whom i would happily have made a delivery to...
gave up sugar for lent.

so, i filled a plate and took them to the gym where i teach fitness classes!
{as crazy as that is...the staff were very appreciative.}

and, it's not just sweet stuff.
last night i made these heavenly pizza rolls.
mmmm.....it was doughy goodness.

and right now?
these little beauties are anxiously awaiting to enter the oven...
where they will bake into ooey-gooey love bites.

the other day, randi even told me i have a problem.
{but, it's a good problem!}

i just love it.
it makes me happy to walk away from the dough...
return an hour later to see it plump, full, and all yeasty smelling.
and the way the dough feels in my hands...
i even like sprinkles of flour on my clothes and counter.
and, i love the way it makes my home smell.

my heart sings when i watch a smile spread across the face of someone who just took a bite
of something i made.

it's all goodness.
my little addiction.

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keep calm and carry on said...

killing me. literally killing me.