Saturday, March 31, 2012

Note to Self...

...feed cade.
make sure he has a refreshing libation and a snack...right after school.

yesterday, i took the kids shopping because randi needed a dress to wear to a service today.  we headed to kohls right after school.  {they were having a big sale.}
now, cade had been treated to a lego set and new shoes two days ago.  so, i explained this was randi's time to get some things.  {and since they wear uniforms...i rarely buy her regular clothes.  and the girl loves cute clothes.}
i admit, we were there longer than anticipated. but, for the most part...all was fine.  cade even found a t-shirt and shorts he liked.  i {hesitantly} said he could get them.  {only because they were 50% off.}

we finally made it to the check out counter.  once there cade found a $7 bag of jelly bellys.  {$7!!!}
i said no.  he began his meltdown.  he asked if he could get the candy instead of the shorts {they were almost the same price.} this went back and forth for a few minutes until i finally said, "you are getting neither".
you would have thought i told him santa claus was never coming again.
he couldn't even breathe.  this was worse than any 3 year old tantrum.
i was embarrassed.  for him.  i remained calm. thanked the {very kind} clerk.  and.  left.

i knew he was tired.  and hungry.
fortunately, i had some peanut butter crackers in the car.  he immediately began eating them.  {well, once he was able to breathe again.}
i asked if he felt better.
he said, "kinda. now my mouth is all peanut buttery.  i need a coke."

{yeah.  he needed a coke and i needed a glass of wine.  neither was going to happen.}

but, i had to laugh.  i told him, "i know you do.  and if you had a candy bar to go with that coke - you would be golden.  mimi always says a coke and candy bar cures all".

within a few minutes of being home {and a couple of swigs from a can of coke later}...
he was a different kid.

as for me and the wine?  never happened.  i had to settle for a refreshing ginger ale.

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