Friday, March 30, 2012

A Penny Saved...

the other day, i left randi to babysit for an hour while i taught a class.
(they believe they are too big for the kid's club at the gym.)
when I returned home, i found them in cade's room. beaming.
they had cleaned out books and movies...with hopes of going to love child and changing hands...
where they could make some exchanges.
(this was completely on their own accord. i had not said a word.)
i was doing a little happy dance in my head. they actually listen and learn from me. wow.

so, off to the stores we went. they each got some shorts, shirts, and books. didn't cost any of us a penny! yippee!!! all reality, randi is awesome at saving. she has recently started babysitting for neighbors and makes good money. (way more than I made when I started babysitting!) she is becoming more and more practical with her spending. for the most part she thinks before she buys.
cade, however, is a little more like his father when it comes to wants and spending. meaning....if he wants it - he spends it. if he has a $1 in his pocket...he's got to buy something! so, mr.c and i are working on his saving skills. it's challenging...but, hopeful!

the other day we watched the descendants. (awesome movie) the movie opens with george clooney's character talking about his life. when talking about his kids and money he says,
"i want to give my children enough to do something. but, not too much to do nothing."
i love that. i have seen first hand when you give a child too much. it's not pretty.
so, that's my motto. i want them to have enough to be productive...but not too much. too much and they become unproductive...waiting around for their next handout.

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