Thursday, March 1, 2012

Science Fair 2012 fair time.  again.
we have a love/hate relationship with this event.
{actually, three of us could do without it.  mr. c, however,  feels it is important.  and.  he's right.}
cade took four different "baseballs".
mr. c pitched to him.
cade hit all four balls.
we measured the distance each ball traveled.
{the heaviest ball went the furthest.}

randi took three cups with a bean seed in each.
watered one with with with coke.
surprisingly, the sprite one sprouted first and grew the best.
the coke came in second.
the water?  last.
we were all shocked by this outcome.

when randi was telling mimi about her experiment
mimi said,
"that's why i'm so damn healthy!"
{the woman NEVER drinks water...she's a walking science project.}

so, all in all we...i mean the kids...did good.
and we are all glad it's over.

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