Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Lovin'

i love easter.
about as much as christmas.
{sometimes, i think i love it more.}
i love the colors,
the beautiful spring weather,
and the fabulous traditions.
{mr. c doesn't quite get my love for the holiday...or the fact that the easter bunny comes and leaves treats and hides the dyed eggs.  i told him i was sorry the easter bunny never visited him...he never missed me! but, i know deep down he loves hiding the eggs with papa...wearing bonnets...and all the festivities.}

on saturday, all of my {wonderful} neighbors did an easter egg hunt for the kids.
it was so much fun!
the weather was perfect.
the kids had fun.
and it was nice visiting with everyone.

later that evening,
the kids dyed the lovely eggs pictured above.

for the annual festivities at my parent's home...
i was to bring desserts.

i made this banana chocolate chip cake with cream cheese frosting.

and, these fun cupcakes.
{randi found them in one of the "hello cupcake" books.}
i baked the cupcakes and topped them with the graham cracker eggs.
randi decorated them.
{she did an awesome job.}

this year, we each were to bring a gift for a gift exchange game.
it was really fun.
everyone was too nice though...
not enough stealing!

some of the gang listening to the rules for the annual egg hunt.

and the race is on!
{of course this one stops to strike a pose.}
her bonnet was really cute...showcasing all of her favorite things.

this boy beat out all of the kids...finding the most eggs.
{but, emerson found the golden egg!}
his bonnet was decorated with philadelphia sports teams.
his football team this year was the philadelphia eagles...baseball is the phillies.

it was such a perfect day.
all of the regular attendees were there...
along with my darling cousin, anna
and her hubby and four kids.
{love, love, love being with them!}
it's always fun when they are able to come.

we ate and ate.
and ate some more.

great food.
great egg hunt.
great bonnets.
great gifts.
great memories.

thank you mimi and papa.

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