Monday, April 23, 2012

Paris with Sisters

a couple of nights ago
my friend, nellie invited me and our friend, chris over for wine.
she suggested eight o'clock...
after we get kids down.
since it was that time of night
i asked if i could come in my could be a pajama party!

i couldn't believe my eyes when i walked up her walkway.
her front patio was lit up with candles, eiffel towers, and all things parisian.

these pictures do not do her decor justice!
it was darling!!!

we had wine.
and cheese.
and nuts.
 and grapes.
and more wine.

we talked.
and laughed.
got a little teary.
and laughed some more.

before we knew it...
it was almost 1:30 in the morning!!!!
{anybody who knows me knows...this is WAY past my bed time.}

and, as tired as i was the next day...
i would do it again in a heart beat.

these girls {aka - my sisters} and i met when our oldest girls were in preschool.
as our families have grown and our girls have gotten older...
our paths have gone different ways.
when we get's like we never missed a beat.

they are both beautiful mothers, wives, and friends.
nellie always inspires me to be crafty...and always makes me want more babies.
{she has five.  and when we arrived at her house a little after 8 was silent.  amazing.}
chris is so smart and inspires me to go after my dreams and goals.
{she is a nurse...but, is currently doing research on newborns.}

they are supportive, non-judgemental, true blue friends.
i am blessed.
to have them as my sister friends.

{thank you both for a much needed...awesome evening.}