Monday, April 2, 2012

Sundays... absolute favorite day of the week.
no sports games to attend.
no play rehearsals.
no errands.
it's a good newspaper day.
we can stay in our jammies as long as we want.
it's my favorite farmer's market day.'s the one day i know mr. c is home.  all day.
we can do whatever we want.

the day usually starts with coffee and the paper.
sometimes we ride our bikes to a local breakfast joint.
sometimes mr. c . whips up something delectable.
but, yesterday morning...i was on breakfast duty.
{mr. c was attacking his closet.  spring cleaning.}
and, randi wanted crepes...which is my area. : )

so, the day started with crepes and nutella, strawberries, eggs, and bacon.  {for the boys.}
after a long walk, randi and i headed to the farmer's market.
we did various things throughout the rest of the day.

the day ended with my sweet neighbor bringing us these lovely flowers and a bottle of wine.
just a thank you for being good neighbors.
{have i mentioned how much i love my neighbors?}

after a nice dinner of pasta in a creamy vodka sauce and roasted broccoli parmesan...
we enjoyed these red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting...
dusted with a little coco.

{the teachers enjoyed the rest of them today.}

but, sunday brings monday.
this morning nobody wanted to get up.
not even me and mr. c.  {and, we are early risers.}
the kids didn't want to go to school.
especially my little blue eyed boy.
if he only knew that i really want to say yes when he asks me {every morning} if he can stay home.
38 days left of school.
it's going to be a long 38 days...

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