Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Paris in the Springtime

since, i have been home for exactly three weeks now...i guess i should post about where i've been and what i did...

i traveled to the city of lights...
the city of love...
the fabulous city of paris, france!
my mom, randi and i flew out on april 24 and returned may 2.
{and, we did not stop for 8 days.}
{my mom said randi saw more on this one trip than she saw in the three times she's been there!}

champs elysees.
{one of randi's favorites.}

monet's home and gardens in giverny.
{one of my mom's and my favorites.}

the gardens were AMAZING. 
i was so happy standing in his kitchen...looking out at the gardens.
{i could get used to that.}

the eiffel tower...from the park below.
{the only time i was able to get a run was pretty cold and rainy most days.}
we also saw the eiffel tower from above at trocadero...
where we had dinner and watched the lights of the tower twinkle.

the louvre.
{we didn't go mom and i had been before and randi didn't want to.}

the beautiful 100 acre cemetery.
{one of my favorites.}
randi and my mom lost interest after 30 minutes...but, by that time, i had us good and lost.
and, i was determined to find the graves of gertrude stein, edith pilaf, and oscar wilde.
at one point i turned around and looked back...
{for majority of the trip, i seemed to be way ahead of those bopsy twins!}
they were giggling saying, "we're tired of looking at dead people! 
 we want some chocolate and a coke!"
{truly.  i can't make this stuff up.}

i found two of the three graves.  {never found stein.}  this is wilde's...
it was covered with lipstick kisses and messages.

we became pros at riding the metro {subway}. 

there were many things i loved about paris...
images like this were on every street corner.
oh how i love the flowers!

coffee and desserts...oh the pastries!

the fresh fruit and veggies were also on every corner...i LOVED it.
we rented an, we could take these fresh gems to the apartment and make dinner.
{we had lots of strawberries...right mom?}

we made randi taste escargot.
she liked them...but, stopped at one.
there was so much pesto sauce on them...they were good...but, she couldn't get past the texture.

i love this picture and i didn't even eat any!
randi liked it though.  she said it was more like ice cream than gelato.

again...the pastries...heaven!

this, however, we did not eat.
but, it was the special of the day at one cafe where we dined.
{and yes, my mom asked the french man if she could take a picture of his food.}

on our final evening, we made dinner in our apartment.
we had appetizers of cheese, apples, bread, strawberries and some wonderful pear brut that our neighbors gave us.  do you need anything else???

we cooked in our apartment a couple of nights...
on this particular night, we ate and watched a marilyn monroe movie.

we all had makeovers at sephora on the champs eylsees.
{we were yelled at for taking this photo in the dumb.}

this is just a fraction of my pictures...
and, i kept a journal of our entire week.

it was a trip of a experience such a magnificent place with my mom and daughter.

randi has been infatuated with paris for a long time...and really did her research.  she knew where she wanted to go, she quickly grasped the exchange rate and was awesome with her money
{that she had worked for and saved}.  she schooled us on proper etiquette and hung with us while we sat in the cute cafes and drank wine.
she was quite the savvy traveler and did not want to leave.
me and my mom?  yeah, we were pretty much ready to say au revoir.
i missed my boys.  TERRIBLEY.
and, i missed my daily routine...creature of habit...that's me.

thank you mom for being such an awesome role model for me...and my daughter.

thank you randi for letting me see your face when you saw the eiffel tower for the first time.
{i cried watching you in the taxi.}

your girls made me laugh, roll my eyes, and laugh some more!
i love you both!

mr. are the love of my life.  thank you for this amazing gift.
{and just know...i won't leave you for that long again!}