Tuesday, May 29, 2012

She's 12

my little girl turned 12 over the weekend.
almost a teenager.
{sometimes she acts like a teenager.}

she came into this world on memorial weekend...
three weeks early...
throwing everyone's holiday plans out the window.
her dad and i were were supposed to work a big street fair/festival.
{he in charge of security.  me in charge of the event!}

she arrived just after 4:30 in the morning.  on a saturday.
three easy pushes and she was here.
and she was beautiful.
later, as she laid in her little bed...
the nurses would marvel at her.
"look at her eyelashes.  and those lips!"
"it looks like she is wearing make-up!"

arriving a little early brought a complication.
she had some fluid in her lungs and had to stay in the NICU an extra night.
which meant i had to leave the hospital without my baby.
{there are few things worse than a new mother being separated from her baby.  little did i know that would be my fate in life.}

soon we were reunited.
and i had to figure out what to do with this little beauty.
she taught me how to be a mother.
how to love so deeply.
how to function without sleep.
how to multi-task like no other.

twelve years later and she is still teaching me.
pre-teen drama.
how to mend broken hearts.
how to say no...when you want to say yes.

she came into this world with some drama...
and she still brings us drama.
{photo above is from her school play a few weeks ago.  she had a leading role. 
the play opened the day after we returned from paris.}

my dear sweet girl,
you are a beauty.
strong willed and confident.
smart, funny, and true.
i watch you with such pride and love watching you grow into such an amazing young woman.
happy birthday.
i love you.