Monday, June 11, 2012

Happiness is...

*a display of manolo blahniks.
in paris.
{middle right. pink flowers. dreamy.}

*spending the weekend in greer.
72 degree highs.
long mountain runs.
laughing with my friend/neighbor.

*playing baseball with cade.
him {the batter} turning into the pitching have a "talk" with me on the mound.
{apparently, i'm no good at throwing strikes.}
him smoking me...28 to 4.

*talking to she has a fabulous time with mimi and papa at their cabin.

*listening to howard stern the whole way home from greer.
{cade rode home with mr.c.}
i know. he can be raunchy.  but, more often, he is extremely smart.  and funny. 
and a great interviewer.
love him.

*everyone in my class telling me how sore they were last week.
{but, they came back for more!}

*watching cade at baseball camp.
{he really is the cutest little boy. ever.}

*making dinner tonight with veggies picked from my garden...
onions, tomatoes, peppers, basil.

*being head over heels in love.
with mr. c.
and feeling that same love back.