Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Long Week

it all started last thursday.  cade was into his 4th day of baseball camp and i was into my 4th day of marathon teaching.  {9 classes in 4 days!}  cade's camp was each morning from 8-11.  outside.  in the arizona sun.  every day, we would come home and swim. 
however, on thursday, he didn't want to.
"i just want to watch a movie."
an hour later he said, "i don't feel good".
and there it was.  the fever.
for the next four days the fever persisted.
and for those four nights i would tuck him in early...only to return between midnight and two.
his sweet voice would call out for me and i would hurry to his side.  give him medicine.  place a cool cloth on his forehead.  and tickle his back until his breaths fell into a deep rhythm. 
all the while, he is breathing, coughing, sneezing in my face.

by monday his fever had finally started to diminish.  however, i had already made a doctor's appointment.  he {reluctantly} went to see {funny} dr. a.
he checked his ears, nose, throat.
listened to his breathing.
it was all good.
as for the fever?  some virus.
that was it.  he gave me a script for a cough case he needed it at night.

a couple hours after seeing the doctor i turned to cade and said, "i don't feel good".
and, sure enough...there was the fever.
for the next two days i didn't get out of bed.  didn't eat.  didn't clean. {and i didn't seem to care.}
by wednesday night, mr. c took me to the doctor.  {enough was enough.}
the diagnosis?
sinus infection.
some other infection...not sure what.  thought it was the flu...but, test came back negative.
she gave me antibiotics and by the next evening i was eating my first meal {beautifully prepared by mr. c}.
and now, for the first time since monday...i am fever free.

it was a very long week...for the sick and the healthy ones in this house.