Saturday, June 23, 2012

Meet Uno and Dos

this spring, cade's class hatched baby ducks.

it was very exciting to hear all about the eggs in the incubator...
the waiting and anticipation.
cade became an expert on ducks and can rattle off all kinds of duck trivia.

finally, towards the end of may....
the 1st grade class had two more members...
uno and dos.

now, during the week days
these ducklings had lots of babysitters.
however, they needed to be cared for each night and weekends.
i, of course, volunteered our services for a weekend.
but, these little darlings hatched right before we left for paris...
so, it had to be when we returned.
and, wouldn't you know it...
our first weekend home was cinco de mayo!  a perfect party weekend for some lucky ducks!

two days after we returned from paris
i suggested to mr. c that he go with me to pick up the kids from school.
"uh, why?"
"because, i may need help getting the ducks in the car."
"what ducks?"
"the ducks we are babysitting all weekend."
"oh come will be fun!"

they were pretty darn cute.
{you can see how much bigger they got by the time we watched them.}
they followed cade everywhere.
all the neighborhood kids loved them.
they pooped.
a lot.
within minutes of bringing them home i banned them from the house.
{i could not clean up duck poop from my floors all weekend.  disgusting.}
the first night i didn't sleep.
i kept getting up and checking on them.
{they were in their "cage" in the garage.}
i kept thinking, "please don't let them die on my watch."
by the second day i was more relaxed...
and when they jumped in the pool {getting them wet was against the rules}
i decided they would be fine.
and they were.
they LOVED it at the c household.
we broke all kinds of rules! : )

when we brought them back to school on monday...
cade's teacher was standing outside the classroom with a smirk on her face.
she knew we had broken the rules.
{the joys of going to a small school.}
i just looked and her and said,
"yes. we broke the rules. but, if these ducks could talk they would tell you they had the BEST time at our house!"

by that afternoon, mr. c came home to find me searching for farms that would take the ducks.
i told him i had volunteered to find them a permanent home.
he just looked at me and said,
"just make sure this isn't their permanent home".
{party pooper!}

i found them a wonderful farm to go home to.  they have lots of other animals and kids.
and they would send us updates on uno and dos.
it was a win/win for all!