Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Opening Day: Majors and Minors

we had two opening days this spring.
and, depending who you asked, one was a major league game...and the other?
well, we will say it was a major league too.
{mr. c and cade at dbacks opening day.}

since i am playing catch up...and this was a few months ago...i don't remember everything.
however, i do remember that this little girl was NOT into the game.
we had awesome seats and it was an exciting game against the giants.
{she still wasn't into it.  i told my mom to come get her and take her home.  she didn't.}

that's ryan roberts on the jumbo favorite.
although he hasn't been playing that well.
{and cade said i shouldn't like him because he has too many tattoos.}

an even bigger opening day was opening day of little league.
here's our phillies!
cade's leading the pack.
{check out that hot coach in the middle!}

there is something about watching these little boys...being all boy...
that makes my heart melt.

number 2 is up to bat.  he swings. we hear the crack of the bat...

and he runs!
{again, this was a few months ago...not remembering if this was his home run or not!}

love watching this little boy play.
and he loves it.
nobody likes to be home or play more than this kid.