Monday, June 4, 2012

A Parisian Birthday

last week, randi celebrated her birthday with five of her girlfriends.
and, of course, it was a paris themed affair.

we made pink pom poms.
randi made the cute banner of her favorite paris photos.
and we blew up a picture i took of the eiffel tower.

they dined on baguettes, cheese, ratatouille, salad, and margarita pizzas.

dessert consisted of these delectable macaroons {from essence bakery}
and homemade chocolate eclairs.

the macaroons served as the birthday cake.

each girl was given a different color beret and a little eiffel tower key chain.
{randi bought it all in paris.}

they were typical 12 year old girls.
{lots of giggles and omg's}
cade even got in on the action.
{to keep him occupied}
randi dressed him like a french mime.
he greeted the girls as they arrived...and "performed" for them.
{the whole thing was very short lived.  before long he removed his mime face and was playing hockey in the middle of the living room.
{we took this picture of him standing in front of the poster we made.}

for breakfast the next morning...
{yes. lucky me. it was a sleep over.}

we had a crepe bar.
the girls loved it.

it was a fun 16 hours. {but, who's counting!}
they danced, sang, and a had a popcorn fight...outside.
when i saw the mess they all just stared at me.  waiting for the punishment.
i just sighed and said, "well, did you have fun doing it?"
{it was quite the mess!}

it was quite the party.
and...randi loved every bit of it...
and, that makes me so happy.

{i found the party printouts from}