Friday, July 13, 2012

5 Good Things Today

1.  cleaning my house
{sad. i know.  that i would consider this fun. but. i do love a clean home.}

2.  it was a {somewhat} rainy day.  a little reprieve from the heat.

3.  i have started the third "grey" book.  and.  i take back what i said.  i am no longer reminded of mr. c or myself.  i am pretty annoyed with both of the characters.  he is too over the top and she...well she...she is just too bella. however, i am still addicted to these ridiculous books.

4.  randi taught me how to use instagram.  {i am very gizmo and app challenged.}

5.  having emerson today and watching the three kids play and act goofy.
{yes. that is a giant lego pile on the floor.}