Sunday, July 22, 2012


tragedy struck our great land.
bloodshed.  tears.  confusion.  people died.
a seemingly intelligent young man, yet a loner, opened fire...killing innocent people.

at the midnight showing of the new batman blockbuster, a 24 year old PhD student opened fire, killing 12 people and wounding over 50 others in aurora, colorado.
he also had his apartment so extremely rigged with bombs and deadly materials - anyone going in would have been killed.

it's horrible. sad. frustrating.
but, unfortunately, as one of my favorite local journalist {montini} pointed out, it's not that shocking.
not anymore.
it happens too often.
guns are too readily available.  to anyone.  no training necessary.
at least not in colorado.  {or in this great state of crazies...arizona.}
in both of these states there is no restriction of sales for assault weapons or high capacity magazines.
arizona does not require background checks for purchases at gun shows.  {colorado does...but, not for other private sales involving non-dealers.}

this young man, this killer, bought all of his deadly weapons legally.  his purchases include:
a glock.  six days later he bought a shotgun.  nine days later he bought an AR-15 assault rifle.  a month later he bought another glock.  {all purchased at area sporting good stores. and yes, he passed the quick background check.}
he also purchased ammunition online, including thousands of rounds of multiple magazines for the assault rifle.
an online seller of tactical police gear sold the killer more than $300 of things such as, an assault vest, magazine pouches, a knife, etc.  {and he purchased the two day shipping.}
all purchased legally.

and today, as i digested the sunday morning paper, i read {with great disgust} how our recalled republican lawmaker, russell pearce, feels that this could have been prevented if the movie goers would have been prepared.
{because nothing would make me feel better than to go to the movies with my kids and see other movie goers packing heat.}
"lives were lost because of a bad man, not because he had a weapon, but because no one was prepared to stop it."  {his exact quote.  yes, these are the type of people we have leading the state of arizona.}

no, mr. pearce.  lives were lost because our leaders have made it too easy for individuals to obtain weapons.
there are no laws preventing others from having weapons to "stop the bad man".  rational people, however, do not go to the movies armed {and dangerous}.  in fact, most rational people do not arm themselves period. 
plus, the killer was wearing a helmet and bullet proof vest.
so, wouldn't it stand to reason that the laws should be tougher to obtain guns?  to prevent the mentally ill and "bad men" from getting them?
there is no reason anyone needs to buy an assault rifle.  there is no reason anyone needs to buy thousands of rounds of magazines.  {i'm quite sure this is not what our forefathers had in mind when they gave us the right to bear arms.}

and to top it off...not only can we buy these deadly things...but, no training is necessary.
yet, we need training and licenses in other areas of life.
operating a car.
volunteering {at most organizations}.
hell, i even have to have training and a certification to teach fitness, continuing education credits every two years.

so tragedy struck.
we will mourn and say prayers.
our political leaders will blame sides.
and life will go on...nothing will change.